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The Celebrities Psychic NANCY BRADLEY and her crew from GOLD RUSH GHOSTS and the television show INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN are willing to come to your home if you suspect it could be haunted, and do a complete investigation. 

 GOLD RUSH GHOSTS is the oldest, largest, and most respected ghost investigative group in the world.  We are the only recognized ghost investigative team recognized as having the extensive equipment and expertise to attach monitors to your television showing the rooms in your home, where you can sit and change channels to see where the ghosts are at any time and what they are up to.  NANCY will then identify the spirits around you and your home, what they want, who they are, and you are welcome to record the activity as it is going on as well.

The crew allows your guests to handle the equipment and be a part of the ghost investigation.  It is a lively and goose-bump evening with fun and excitement, learning about the other side.


  1. There must be at least 20 guests present for us to come and do an investigation.
  2. It is $75.00 per guest, pre-paid, and all investigations are by appointment only.  It is the host/hostess responsibility to collect from their guests and send the payment to our office in one certified bank check or money order. Call (530) 622-0977 to set your date.
  3. NANCY will answer one PERSONAL question for everyone in attendance.
  4. NANCY and her crew do not charge for transportation or lodging if you live in the greater Sacramento to Tahoe area.  If not, accommodations would need to be paid as well.
  5. There is always the possibility that your experience could land up on any one of Nancys TV shows if you wish.  This is your option.


(530) 622-0977  




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Welcome to the premier site of Paranormal investigations, books, and tours available today.

Some of the tours we have previously offered in the past include the Queen Anne Hotel, Catalina Island, and the Cary House hotel in Placerville. We have also been on the Discover Channel's Haunted Hotel series. We have investigated such places as the Hotel Leger in Mokolumne Hill, the Winchester Mystery House, The Vineyard House in Coloma, and other such famous places.   Gold Rush Ghosts Has also been to the Twin Towers site in New York and other areas of interest doing over 300 investigations worldwide.

Gold Rush Ghosts uses the most up-to-date equipment and is always trying to find new ways of solving some of the biggest mysteries of the Paranormal world. Gold Rush Ghosts has been featured on KMAX TV as well as several news papers such as The Auburn Journal, The Sacramento Bee, The Mountain Democrat, and The Colfax Record.

Having a background in psychology, Robert Reppert approaches the search with a logical point of view. First and foremost is to make the person who calls him, understand that he will do what it takes to make them feel at ease with whatever they are encountering. The first step to dealing with any problem is to seek the help that will aid you in solving the problem. We treat all cases with professionalism and confidence. All cases are strictly guarded and unless otherwise agreed upon with the calling party, will never appear in print or video. 

Gold Rush Ghosts was established to debunk some of the current fakes that are taking advantage of good people by scaring them into paying to remove something that simply does not exist. The  other reason for the creation of G.R.G. was to explore the paranormal world and discover what is real, fake, or just unexplained.


Our goal is to make the subject of paranormal, as normal as possible. We intend to lift the cloak of mystery from this world with an equal balance of science, logic, interview, and discovery. This has and always will be, the goal of Gold Rush Ghosts, Robert Reppert, and crew.

Join our quest for the truth and help us provide answers for these eternal questions.

You Can send us a message at

or call our office at (530)622-0977 and one of our people will help you. You can tell us your ghost experience or give us a good lead for some new investigations. You can even mail us your story at

Gold Rush Ghosts

PO. Box 911

Diamond Springs, CA. 95619

To have Gold Rush Ghosts come and investigate:

For a business the charge would be $250 to have us come out and investigate your location.

For a business that will allow us to video and use the footage for our show the cost would be waived.

For a personal residence the charge would be $300

If the location is outside the greater Sacramento area there will be additional fees for travel expenses.

 Check out HAUNTEDAMERICATOURS.COM.  We are always open to new findings.  If you have a place of interest that could be haunted across the world, email us at: WWW.GOLDRUSHGHOSTS.COM.  It could get you a walking part on our TELEVISION SHOW!

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